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Fashion tips for teenage guys

Young blokes reach an age in their life when fashion trends become important to help develop the individuals that they are. However, when it comes to researching fashion trends, there only seems to be information dedicated towards women, men and even teen girls but only minimal information is provided on fashion trends for young blokes.

As advised by my gorgeous 17-year-old brother Jake, when it comes to modelling teen celeb fashion trends, the likes of Justin Biebier and the Jonas Brothers are a definite no, no, which in fact contradicts the information provided that pop stars and boy bands start many trends.

Guys like to be more reckless in their outfits and dress according to the things they like to do. Different trends available can include punk, biker, skater, street wear, emo, sportswear and prep. These are just to name a few. The only way teens will learn about what trends best fit for them is to go out there and discover new things.

Guys should avoid baggy clothing, as the trend is moving towards streamlined silhouettes. This means shirts and pants should fit properly. Take a minute in front of the mirror. If you’re worried that your clothes look weird, they probably do.

As a basic rule, a signature look is fine as long it expresses the real you and feels comfortable. Armani promotes clothes that boost comfort and confidence, but you won’t feel either if you’re a preppie at heart trying to look Goth, or worried your too-baggy pants will lose their grip. Just because something is faddish doesn’t mean it flatters or feels good.

Here are a few key looks to be inspired by:


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Mr GQ – Ryan Gosling

This Academy and Golden Globe Award-nominated actor has been dubbed the “Coolest Person of the Year” by TIME Magazine’s Joel Stein.  Ryan Gosling, known for his roles in The Notebook, Half Nelson, Lars and The Real Girl, Blue Valentine, Crazy Stupid Love and Drive, has fast become a favourite on the red carpet thanks to his effortlessly chic style and his ability to experiment.
As though he couldn’t be more in vogue after his role as the ever so stylish Jacob Palmer in Crazy Stupid Love, the actor has also managed to bring a focus back on what male actors are wearing on the red carpet thanks to the cool factor he translates into his style.
Whether he is wearing his powder-blue tux or his burgundy DJ, Gosling is conscious of his style and shows that great style is all about knowing exactly who you are.
GQ January issue


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Brace Yourself

Once solely worn as an object of utility, braces (also known as Suspenders by Americans and Galluses by the French) have not been given the recognition they deserve as a fashion staple that has remained and changed over the past 300 years.

First created by the French in the 18th century, there have been several precursors, however braces were not popularised as a men’s fashion accessory until 1822 where Albert Thurston reinvented a modernised version made of silk worn universally by all men to accommodate the high-waist of the mid-nineteenth and early
twentieth century trouser.

It was not until World War I that braces began to lose their appeal as men became accustomed to uniform belts.  As fashion styles have their share of influence, pant styles became fitted and waist hugging while waistbands drooped to the hip lines rather than the physical waist.  Braces were however yet again revived in the 1940s through the return of the fuller-cut trouser, needles to say, belts had become a far more convenient item for men.

Nowadays, braces are a significant fashion statement symbolising a position of power, efficiency and
professionalism thanks to movie characters such as Gordon Gekko (aka Michael Douglas) in the infamous movie Wall Street, turning braces into a style accessory rather than a necessity.  Other fashion statements made by wearing braces include gangsters, who wore braces under their wide stripe suits or the British punk skinhead, who wore a thinner clipped version in several colours and patterns.

As current men’s trousers do not include the original buttons for braces, a clip-on version was developed
making braces ever more popular and useful.  So whether you need braces to flatter your business attire, complement your black suit or add flair to a smart casual look, braces are a perfect way for achieving a contemporary and elegant nostalgic look.

Braces for women

Taking inspiration from men’s wear, braces have also been a hot trend for women since they stared wearing menswear as shown by Keira Knightly who rocked the look in the 2009 Chanel Mademoiselle perfume ad.

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Move Over Mad Men

The 1920s New York gangster trend is slowly creeping back into men’s fashion yet again since Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall/Winter 2008 – 2009 collections.

Like Mad Men, which gave us 60s style, Scorsese’s series “Boardwalk Empire” gives us mouth-watering costumes with fanatical attention to the 1920s period.


Within this brilliant Prohibition-era storyline is a sartorial phenomenon just waiting to explode.  1920s New York gangster digs is a look that designers are sure to take on this season, making it a trend to look out for.

Lisa Padovani and John Dunn’s made-in-the-USA wool suits and hand-beaded gowns are going to be distracting viewers for some time to come.

The 1920s brought fashion and style that was as unique as the events that unfolded during this war era. Flapper style of the Roaring Twenties, zoot suits and gangsters, The Dust Bowl and the Western cowboy are all influences evident in men’s fashion of the 1920s.

Fashion must haves in every man’s wardrobe entailed the top hat, tail coat, bow tie and patent leather shoes. Wing tip shoes were also very popular at the time (commonly in white/tan or white/black).   Gatsby was the prime example of a fashionable man in the 1920′s. It was more important that men wore the right color of shoes with their suit then what style they were.

Daytime events required less formal attire, such as the sack suit (which consisted of jacket and slacks in matching fabrics), worn with colored shirts and silk ties in small geometric patterns.

Informal men’s clothing of this time consisted of baggy pants (called Oxford pants), pullover sweaters and soft caps or fedora hats (which actually dates back from 1882, but only became popular in the 20′s).

Double breasted suits also became very popular during the 20′s, which was adopted by gangsters at that time. Gangsters often wore bold color shirts, wide stripesuits and bright plaids, making 20′s fashion their own.

Movies to draw inspiration from for this look includes The Untouchables, Public Enemy, Oscar with Sly Stallone, American Gangster, Once Upon a Time in America and The Last Man Standing.

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This Season’s Hottest Men’s Fashion Trend

Military remains in fashion for both men and women in Autumn/Winter 2010-11, with inspiration drawn from the 1940s and 50s military.  A particularly popular military-themed trend is the army and air force influenced combat boot for men’s fashion.  These shoes come in a variety of styles, from military to motorcycle boots, that can match any sense of style.

Re-introduced by Christopher Bailey’s Burberry Autumn collection in 2010, the trend of the combat boot remains chunky and utilitarian essential for the colder seasons. 

Perfect with this season’s chunky knits, checked flannel shirts or a pair of Diesel jeans, this timeless rustic vintage style can pretty much be worn to any occasion.  As shown below, actor Hayden Christensen was recently spotted in Los Angeles wearing a pair of military side zip boots that are right on trend.

This look can easily be dressed up or down and incorporated into many different styles. Pair a sleek military-style jacket with dark jeans and a sweater for an outfit that is simple and nostalgic, yet still masculine.


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