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My Style


A life of glamour and style makes everything that much more exciting and that much more appealing. I am a woman who has a deep love for all that is glamorous and embraces the new whilst appreciating a timeless style. My style combines classic timeless pieces with a hint of bohemian flair.

My love for the 70s hippie/bohemian vibe, from flares and suede jackets to kaftans and statement jewellery is inspired by my mum’s quintessential 1970s style. With her long hair, draped jackets and cheese cloth clothes, my mum’s vintage glamour and her free spirit persona has helped pave the way I dress.

My aspiration and fantasy life were further informed by style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. I would get lost in watching Audrey Hepburn’s role as Holly Golightly in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s whom I’m sure has inspired women from all around the world. From the enormous sunglasses to the pearls and cocktail dress, Holly’s look is timeless and still copied today. For this reason, I have used this iconic style and incorporated wardrobe items such as the LBD and replicated outfits including the mid-length beige trench.

Looking pulled-together is a priority for me, that’s why classic, timeless pieces are important. Separates and smart, tailored styles that are transeasonal is what you will find in my wardrobe. I invest in quality classic pieces with good quality basics in the best colours for me to ensure I always look elegant and put together.

As I have a fair autumn colour palette, to complement my skin tone, I also tend to wear colours that are earthy and warm, such as camel, beige, olive, orange, gold, dark brown and even grey.

Not only do I choose styles that I love, I choose styles that complement my body shape as well.

My wardrobe staples include:

  • Several impeccably cut suits in neutral shades of navy, black, charcoal, and chocolate and extra pants and skirts for more options
  • Cashmere crewneck sweaters
  • Trench coat
  • Cocktail dress including the LBD
  • A stainless steel Gucci watch, which goes with everything
  • Black knee-length wool skirt
  • Jeans (a dark and light pair)
  • White button down shirts
  • Tunic
  • Heeled pumps and ballet flats
  • Belts
  • Oversized handbags
  • Chunky necklaces help to make outfits pop and add a touch of colour to wardrobe basics.

In the end, a gorgeous outfit is nothing without that perfect accessory. I always aim for something that elicits that wow factor be it chandelier earrings, sunglasses or a glomesh clutch in my quest to achieve that glamorous style.


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My Designer Icon – Halston

Halston is everything the 70s was.  After achieving great fame in 1961 for creating the infamous “Pill Box” hat worn by Jackie Kennedy for her husband’s inauguration, Roy Halston Frowick’s iconic 1970s women’s ready-to-wear designs made him a household name putting US fashion on the global map.

Being America’s first internationally renowned designer, Halston’s famous label was worn by a host of style icons including Elizabeth Taylor, Bianca Jagger, Liza Minnellie and the original Halstonettes’ Pat Cleveland and Anjelica Huston (often appearing arm in arm with the man himself) all fans of his glittering gowns, draped jersey dresses, ultra suede wrap coats and breezy kaftans.

Halston became part of the seventies phenomenon surrounded himself with New Yorks’ most influential and fashionable names as his designs came to represent the famed night spot, Studio 54.

Halston may have passed on in 1990, however the designer’s brand of seventies glam lives on influencing many designers today including the likes of Marc Jacobs who’s SS 11 collection showcased clingy jersey shirt dresses and slim jumpsuits.

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Oh La La!

With Christmas right around the corner, there is no better time than now to inject your wardrobe with a little glitter and sparkle to keep you shinning throughout the holiday season.

Glam, glitter and sparkle are just a few key words you want to keep in mind when preparing for any event this season.  This glam couture look is an essential trend for upcoming seasons thanks to an endless parade of sparkling sequins, glitter, metallic, appliqués and fringed fabrics hitting the streets of late.

From Elie Saab’s sequined dresses through to Miu Miu glittering boots, this high shine trend has reinvented itself yet again making it a big hit on the runways.



A-lister stars who favour the revival of this gleaming 70s disco trend are Kate Moss, Rachel Zoe, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Connelly, Nina Dobrev, Mila Kunis and Brooklyn Decker.


To avoid looking OTT, stick to the motto “less is more” to ensure you make the right fashion statement.  Modern tailoring and mixing matte fabrics can be paired with your dazzler piece to ensure this never occurs.  The aim is to ensure that you come across as sophisticated yet dramatic.

Another favorite making its way back is the ever so cute mini.  Even shorter than ever, this little number (in either metallic or a sparkling sequence) will most certainly make you the centre of attention.

If being the centre of attention isn’t your thing, then how about adding a little sparkle with embellished tights to your wardrobe in the upcoming cooler months?


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Be daring and introduce colour combos to your style!

It is no surprise that colour is one of the more important elements of fashion as it is the first thing we notice when shopping for a garment. We look for colour first, then fabric, silhouette, and finally detailing.

This spring/summer 2011 colour trends are absolutely going to be the first thing you notice on your next shopping trip with the boldest and loudest being the eye-catching colour blocking trend which has been seen sprawled all over the runways in many spring/summer collections.

Taking inspiration from the early 70s, this trend offers a vast variety of unusual combinations and variations of hues with wake you up colours of orange with purple, fuchsia with pink, blood orange with shocking reds and turquoise with royal blue.
To get the colour block effect, you will need to buy solid colour pieces that can be mixed and matched creating an outfit which combines the use of two or more blocks of colour in an ensemble ensuring that paired colours from the same family are kept together, e.g. warm tones such as orange and reds.
Piet Mondrian (1987-1944) is an excellent reference for this colour blocking design using flat hard-edged squares and rectangles using primary colours, creating exciting spatial and optical relationships.  His work is a lesson in how colours and shapes create movement simply through their contrast and relationship to each other.

 As colours deceive the eye, proportions in a garment can be dramatically affected by colour, so be sure to wear the right colours for your body shape as colours react with each other and to each other.    For example, objects, shapes and areas of the same size can actually appear different in size if they are coloured differently.  Dark, cool and dull colours make objects appear smaller than the same objects in warm, light or bright colours. If a dress is cut in bright red or black, the black version would be more slimming than red.

Colours can also convey a sense of visual weight. Warm, dark and bright colours tend to look dense or heavy, and cool, light and dull colours are visually lighter in weight. This should be considered in relation to the time of day you will be wearing a certain colour, and for what function.
In the case of a two-colour dress, visual weight will need to be considered where the bodice is one colour and the skirt another. If the colours were, for example, purple and white, the skirt would be better in purple and the top in white, because the garment will have better balance with the “heavier” purple on the bottom half and the “lighter” white on the top.
Colour blocking can also be seen in bags, shoes and jewellery, so make sure to wear a basic mono toned dress or something sublet when you’re colour blocking with these accessories.

There are many variations of this trend including the unusual combination of orange and purple by Diane von Furstenberg as worn by Jessica Alba at the CFDAs.  Other designers bursting at the seams with this inspiring trend are Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Aquilano Rimondi.


Alex Perry’s launch of his “Cuban Princess” Spring/Summer 2011 collection (http://goodgollymissholley.com/2011/03/17/alex-perry-springsummer-collection-%e2%80%9ccuban-princess%e2%80%9d-lmff/) also displayed the “Perry girls” in an array of spicy and exotic blocked colours including paprika, blood orange, pepper and Caribbean aqua gowns.

Coco Chanel once said that “The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you”, so play around with the colours to ensure that you pick the best colours suited to your skin tone.  If bright hue colours are not your cup of tea, then there are also a large selection of colour blocked clothes and accessories in neutral, muted tones.


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Release your inner rock chick!

If you were a rock chick in the 70s or a biker chick in the early 80s, chances are you donned
a pair of quality leather trousers.  Since that time their popularity has tapered off as other fashion trends have come and gone, however this years spring/summer 2011 fashion collections have reintroduced leather clothes stronger than ever!

This incredibly fierce and sexy trend, which is at the top of every A-lister’s wish list, is a staple which will add new dimension to your wardrobe whether you are a fan of utilitarian, minimalist or rock chick fashion.

Designed for any body type, high quality leathers are popping up repeatedly with designers managing to create a ‘less is more’ perspective of the biker look in the theme of minimalism.

Encouraging us to release our inner grunge goddess and adopt the latest leather pant trend  are the collections of Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, McQueen, Preen, Givenchy, as well as Balmain and Burbury giving us their take on the leather strides.

Paired with a stylish fur coat or aviator jacket and super cute boots, this uber stylish look is for anyone who exudes confidence.

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2011 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

A key characteristic of popular trends is that they occur in 20 year cycles. The Milestone years to pay attention to this year will be the 70s, 50s, and 1930s.

But for the 2011 Spring/Summer collections displayed, it’s the 1970s that are due for a reinterpretation. The fully-fledged 1970s glam vibe championed by Tom Ford in the 1990s is finally back!  Think of the rock hard parting 1970s rock stars and Studio 54 regulars such as the gold dust women like Bianca Jagger, Diane von Furstenberg, Diana Ross and Stevie Nicks.

For women in the 1970s, hip hugger jeans, pantsuits and hot-pants were worn with chunky platform shoes.  Rachel Zoe has perfected the 70s look —part hippy chick, part disco. Rachel uses bold prints, earth tones and cultural styles which were very popular in the 1970s.  Rachel shows her love for 70s fashion by wearing everything from the wooden platform shoes through to carrying the boho hippy bag.

Portman’s ambassador Abbey Lee Kershaw for the upcoming Autumn Winter 2011 campaign also shows her sporting a 70s luxurious vibe wearing beautiful prints that evoke the bohemian glamour we all think of when we read or hear about the era.

Key designers to draw 70s inspiration from are Yves Saint Laurent, Zandra Rhodes, Jean Muir, DVF (wrap dress), Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe, Cacharel, Halston, Geoffrey Beene and the Gucci by Gucci 2008 advertisement directed by David Lynch.



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