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Colour Analysis Report

Colour consultants work with clients in improving a vast array of areas where colour is of vital importance. They normally work with clients to improve their appearance, their home lives, and even their place of business. Colour consultants work to enhance moods, set tones, and accent natural beauty in a number of ways.

As a wardrobe consultant myself, colour consultancy is of particular relevance when I am working individually with clients (usually women) who want to enhance their natural looks with appropriate colours. I help clients to pick out clothing, makeup and accessories that best accent their natural hair, eye and skin colour.
My main focus is that on determining the perfect tonal/colour palette for my clients and passing this information onto them as shown in the attached Colour Analysis Reports provided to a striking warm autumn colour palette client, Mary-Lois Wilson and a soft summer colour palette, Jessica MacDonald.



Special thanks to the lovely Ms Wilson and Mrs MacDonald for sharing these reports with everyone.



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Golden Goddess

Sourced: Geo Burke for Elena Miro catalogue

This years New York City fashion week for the upcoming 2012 collections was yet again inspired by a vision of elegant looks from the glamorous 1970s, but this time round focusing not on the hippy BoHo, but on the sun-kissed look of the 70s golden goddess.

It seemed to be all about the 70s with fashion heavy weights such as Jenny Packham, who’s collection was inspired by goddess Jerry Hall and played the Rolling Stones song She’s a Rainbow, and new comer Rachel Zoe showcasing distinct 70s inspired tailored pieces.

The look is back with a bang from the flicked hair right through to the 70s shimmer and shine of the cue glam rock and heavy metal makeup.

The sun-kissed makeup trend, which has come to life through the New York runways, is all about the bronze and blending rich antique gold tones with gold pigment to achieve that natural tanned look which was in vogue in the 70s.

Channel Farrah Fawcett, Lauren Hutton or Charlie’s Angels to get that look that so many women strove to achieve in the past.  The idea is to create an expensive 70s St Tropez bronzed look where the face is shaped and contoured to perfection. Opt for accentuated eyes, sculpted cheekbones in honey buff tones and metallic lips which shadows and highlights the face in all the right places.

Studded Hearts Launch

Laura Mercier makeup artist Talia Shobrook, who provided that golden goddesses feel at the Packham show, was able to create that perfect sun-kissed look on all models.  To do this, Talia left their faces matte, and then contoured the cheeks with Laura Mercier Matte Bronzer in Dune Bronze and Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder in Warm Chestnut.  Talia then smoothed over any imperfections with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (http://www.lauramercier.com/store/shop/Cheeks_Bronzer_l_cat180080).

Sticking with the evanescent 70s theme of the season, also spotted on the runways was the decadent seventies party and disco glam look of the metallic and glitter bombed eye paired with big hair and glossy lips.

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