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Beauty without Cruelty


Unfortunately, while the nineties saw real fur creep off the catwalks in shame, thanks to the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” supermodel campaign, fur has yet again crawled it’s way back into the collections of Italian and French designers who have unapologetically used and worked with every conceivable animal from sable to mink, chinchilla and fox.

Although the lux look sets fashionista’s hearts aflutter, people who wear fur are either ignorant or arrogant about animal suffering. It doesn’t hurt to find a more animal-friendly option which is what I have always promoted.


Feel good with the best faux fur pieces for Autumn

As we might secretly yearn for the old-fashioned allure and glamour of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, the rights and wrongs of wearing animal furs and feathers has become a minefield of complicated and moral and ethical dilemmas.


Faux Fur Taupe Grey ‘Marianne Vest’, Rachel Zoe

So what about the purchase of feathers you ask?  Perhaps the most pragmatic way to approach this is to first find out whether the feathers were sourced in an eco-friendly gathering way (some farms sell feathers that have been molted and naturally shed by birds as part of their growing cycle). If you are unsure, simply ask your supplier directly. If you are going to purchase a product, you are entitled to know exactly where it has been sourced.


Other feather suppliers specialise in collecting vintage feathers and selling them in bulk. Many people see vintage as an ethical choice: a guilt-free, pro-animal rights, pro-environmental way of wearing fur or feathers. It has been emphasised by eco-columnists and fashion environmentalists, the need to recycle everything from fur and feathers to ensure that no further animals have to die today to satisfy our desire for a lux look.

Another option is to research whether the product has the “humane seal of approval” developed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) in conjunction with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The seal of approval promotes what it sees as the humane treatment of farm animals. It has begun a labeling program for meat, poultry, dairy and egg producers who meet its criteria for raising farm animals under humane conditions.

However, only your own conscience can dictate your actions. A good motto to live by is “beauty without cruelty”.


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My Style


A life of glamour and style makes everything that much more exciting and that much more appealing. I am a woman who has a deep love for all that is glamorous and embraces the new whilst appreciating a timeless style. My style combines classic timeless pieces with a hint of bohemian flair.

My love for the 70s hippie/bohemian vibe, from flares and suede jackets to kaftans and statement jewellery is inspired by my mum’s quintessential 1970s style. With her long hair, draped jackets and cheese cloth clothes, my mum’s vintage glamour and her free spirit persona has helped pave the way I dress.

My aspiration and fantasy life were further informed by style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. I would get lost in watching Audrey Hepburn’s role as Holly Golightly in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s whom I’m sure has inspired women from all around the world. From the enormous sunglasses to the pearls and cocktail dress, Holly’s look is timeless and still copied today. For this reason, I have used this iconic style and incorporated wardrobe items such as the LBD and replicated outfits including the mid-length beige trench.

Looking pulled-together is a priority for me, that’s why classic, timeless pieces are important. Separates and smart, tailored styles that are transeasonal is what you will find in my wardrobe. I invest in quality classic pieces with good quality basics in the best colours for me to ensure I always look elegant and put together.

As I have a fair autumn colour palette, to complement my skin tone, I also tend to wear colours that are earthy and warm, such as camel, beige, olive, orange, gold, dark brown and even grey.

Not only do I choose styles that I love, I choose styles that complement my body shape as well.

My wardrobe staples include:

  • Several impeccably cut suits in neutral shades of navy, black, charcoal, and chocolate and extra pants and skirts for more options
  • Cashmere crewneck sweaters
  • Trench coat
  • Cocktail dress including the LBD
  • A stainless steel Gucci watch, which goes with everything
  • Black knee-length wool skirt
  • Jeans (a dark and light pair)
  • White button down shirts
  • Tunic
  • Heeled pumps and ballet flats
  • Belts
  • Oversized handbags
  • Chunky necklaces help to make outfits pop and add a touch of colour to wardrobe basics.

In the end, a gorgeous outfit is nothing without that perfect accessory. I always aim for something that elicits that wow factor be it chandelier earrings, sunglasses or a glomesh clutch in my quest to achieve that glamorous style.

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Neon Lights

Inspired by the fashion trend of the 80s, high voltage neon’s are fast becoming the upcoming colour of choice. 

 From ultra violet lipstick to the bright hues of handbags, this shock of colour is a fun way to heat up your wardrobe during the cooler months.

Making a big impact on the fashion scene, this look can either be bold and daring or fun and whimsical depending on what you pair it with. Hollywood divas have embraced this trend by wearing neon pieces to accentuate their fun, flirty and very bold personalities.  Think celebrities such as Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Ricki Lee Coultre and most popularly known for this trend, Nicki Minaj.

 These hues can transform a dull and boring outfit into something hot and stylish, so whether it be a bright green satchel, a hot pink dress or even an orange pair of killer heels, the key is to choose the right colours that compliment and flatter your skin. 

If head to toe neon is not your thing, then perhaps opt for a single neon accessory to flatter your look.


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Crazy for Coral

Crazy for Coral

Sam Edelman studded bag
$475 – stanwells.com

Rhinestone jewelrywindsorstore.com

Bvlgari perfume
$54 – johnlewis.com

Face makeup
$12 – sleekmakeup.com


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Spring Whites

Whilst sensual nudes, prints, pastels and bright neons have been a favourite for 2012, another favourite trend to emerge this season is the ever so elegant classic white. 

As it is commonly know, both black and white are the two most prominent colours of the fashion world, however simplicity rules this season with Spring whites popping up just about everywhere in the 2012 Spring Summer collections.

Featuring dazzling selections in pristine whites for both men and women, this beautifully minimalistic and simplistic trend celebrates the freshness and warmth of the upcoming warmer seasons. 

Designers to draw inspiration from when including white girlish feminine pieces to your wardrobe (try sheer silk, cotton white and lace) include Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy’s white head to toe ensembles.

The great thing about adding spring whites to your wardrobe is the endless pairing possibilities they provide and for that perfect day-to-night option, simply add a little metallic i.e. gold belt to transform your look.


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An Abundance of White

Spring Whites

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A Tribal Love Affair

Passing the Melbourne Bourke Street Myer and David Jones windows this morning I couldn’t help but find myself thinking of African sunsets and warm summer nights taking me away from the realisation that my feet were frozen from the cool winter air. 


Then it dawned upon me, while staring at the magnificent colours displayed of soft gold, sage green and burnt orange, that Spring had sprung throughout the world of fashion and that warmer weather was just around the corner.

With jewelled hues and vivid prints and patterns, the printed lover within me was ready to delve into the world of earthy ethnic tribal motifs and animal prints.  Deep browns, rich amber, purple and moss greens jutted across my mind inspiring me to visualise as a designer on the mixed prints, raw textures and vibrant hues I could incorporate into my wardrobe and my personal style. 

 Burberry Prorsum, Donna Karen, Michael Kors, Herve Leger and Diane von Furstenberg’s collections are full of tribal prints this year inspiring me even more to get my Safari on.


With head-to-toe animal prints fromMichael Kors to warrior-like tribal dresses from Herve Leger, unique tribal trends are a must have for your wardrobe this year. Last year we  saw fringes, feathers, leopard prints, this year the tribal force is stronger than ever with smart and bold tribal prints that give a cool boho and body –conscious silhouette.

 With alluring spiked necklaces, fold-over python clutches and hand-carved platform wedges, paired carefully tribal pieces can be harmonic giving you that stand out appearance allowing you to be both bold but yet graceful.  Furthermore, how about slicking back that ponytail and slapping on those dark lips for that winning look!

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