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Colour Analysis Report

Colour consultants work with clients in improving a vast array of areas where colour is of vital importance. They normally work with clients to improve their appearance, their home lives, and even their place of business. Colour consultants work to enhance moods, set tones, and accent natural beauty in a number of ways.

As a wardrobe consultant myself, colour consultancy is of particular relevance when I am working individually with clients (usually women) who want to enhance their natural looks with appropriate colours. I help clients to pick out clothing, makeup and accessories that best accent their natural hair, eye and skin colour.
My main focus is that on determining the perfect tonal/colour palette for my clients and passing this information onto them as shown in the attached Colour Analysis Reports provided to a striking warm autumn colour palette client, Mary-Lois Wilson and a soft summer colour palette, Jessica MacDonald.



Special thanks to the lovely Ms Wilson and Mrs MacDonald for sharing these reports with everyone.



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Where it all began

A vast change that has appeared in the fashion industry over the last year has been the influx of bright hue colours that flourished the autumn/winter fashion trends right through to the upcoming season of summer.

This wave of colour stems from the revolutionary red trousers having originated from last years A/W 2010-11 street style that had us seeing red from every direction including Riccardo Tisci’s head-to-toe red trouser suit in his Givenchy collection.

Red-hot trousers are yet again in full swing this season becoming as versatile as blue jeans and adding a “pop of colour” to an otherwise drab wardrobe. 

Teamed with a white T and flats for a relaxed feel, or mixed with prints and platforms for that wow factor, this bright hue, which has been interpreted into wide-leg trousers and skinnier cuts, has been spotted on many fashion-forward celebrities and fashionistas alike.














So out with the fail-safe tedious black colours ladies and in with the bright hue jackets, coats and trousers, as colour is here to stay and will run for many years to come.

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Come Sail with Me

This year fashion designers are serving up a hot new modern twist on an old favourite for their Spring 2012 collections, the classic nautical-sailor look.  This seaside fashion trend raises its head every year with this years collections being bigger then ever.

The variation this year on one of the oldest and most iconic fashion trends takes you on a nautical yacht ride through the French Riviera with designers such as YSL designer Stefano Pilati and others turning out a-jet-setter vibe adding embellishments of gold buttons, sailor jackets, anchor motif detailing, and defined collars to their collections.

This ready to wear look was first brought to us by the magnificently talented Coco Chanel in the 1930s inspired by her love affair with the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, who was a renowned yachting enthusiast.  Chanel began dressing similar to the sailors by wearing side-legged sailor pants, striped boat neck sweaters and flat boating shoes making the look her own.

Other fashion icons following in her footsteps include the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy Onassis popularising the preppy nautical look between the rich and wealthy.

The key to joining the nautical trend without going overboard is by keeping it simple. That means wearing only one nautical themed piece at a time. Take inspiration from Coco Chanel and stick to a simple colour palette of monochrome or blue and white.

Add nautical-inspired splashes of colour using red and yellow with skinny jeans or solid coloured shorts will add a feminine, nautical touch to your outfits making you look boat ready.

This classic trend will never go out of style, so keep these ideas in mind each year for that perfect classic summer look.

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Be daring and introduce colour combos to your style!

It is no surprise that colour is one of the more important elements of fashion as it is the first thing we notice when shopping for a garment. We look for colour first, then fabric, silhouette, and finally detailing.

This spring/summer 2011 colour trends are absolutely going to be the first thing you notice on your next shopping trip with the boldest and loudest being the eye-catching colour blocking trend which has been seen sprawled all over the runways in many spring/summer collections.

Taking inspiration from the early 70s, this trend offers a vast variety of unusual combinations and variations of hues with wake you up colours of orange with purple, fuchsia with pink, blood orange with shocking reds and turquoise with royal blue.
To get the colour block effect, you will need to buy solid colour pieces that can be mixed and matched creating an outfit which combines the use of two or more blocks of colour in an ensemble ensuring that paired colours from the same family are kept together, e.g. warm tones such as orange and reds.
Piet Mondrian (1987-1944) is an excellent reference for this colour blocking design using flat hard-edged squares and rectangles using primary colours, creating exciting spatial and optical relationships.  His work is a lesson in how colours and shapes create movement simply through their contrast and relationship to each other.

 As colours deceive the eye, proportions in a garment can be dramatically affected by colour, so be sure to wear the right colours for your body shape as colours react with each other and to each other.    For example, objects, shapes and areas of the same size can actually appear different in size if they are coloured differently.  Dark, cool and dull colours make objects appear smaller than the same objects in warm, light or bright colours. If a dress is cut in bright red or black, the black version would be more slimming than red.

Colours can also convey a sense of visual weight. Warm, dark and bright colours tend to look dense or heavy, and cool, light and dull colours are visually lighter in weight. This should be considered in relation to the time of day you will be wearing a certain colour, and for what function.
In the case of a two-colour dress, visual weight will need to be considered where the bodice is one colour and the skirt another. If the colours were, for example, purple and white, the skirt would be better in purple and the top in white, because the garment will have better balance with the “heavier” purple on the bottom half and the “lighter” white on the top.
Colour blocking can also be seen in bags, shoes and jewellery, so make sure to wear a basic mono toned dress or something sublet when you’re colour blocking with these accessories.

There are many variations of this trend including the unusual combination of orange and purple by Diane von Furstenberg as worn by Jessica Alba at the CFDAs.  Other designers bursting at the seams with this inspiring trend are Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Aquilano Rimondi.


Alex Perry’s launch of his “Cuban Princess” Spring/Summer 2011 collection (http://goodgollymissholley.com/2011/03/17/alex-perry-springsummer-collection-%e2%80%9ccuban-princess%e2%80%9d-lmff/) also displayed the “Perry girls” in an array of spicy and exotic blocked colours including paprika, blood orange, pepper and Caribbean aqua gowns.

Coco Chanel once said that “The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you”, so play around with the colours to ensure that you pick the best colours suited to your skin tone.  If bright hue colours are not your cup of tea, then there are also a large selection of colour blocked clothes and accessories in neutral, muted tones.


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